Curious George with kite. small bird on ledge

Curiosity Day 2016

Curious George reading

Each year, bookstores and libraries nationwide are invited to join HMH Books for Young Readers in an event called Curiosity Day, which celebrates the magic of learning and discovery through reading as only George and The Man with the Yellow Hat can.

Curious George Book

In honor of the special 75th anniversary of H.A. Rey’s classic tale Curious George, bookstores and libraries are once again invited to join the celebration by requesting a free Curiosity Day kit and host an event in September!

Deluxe event kits include party ideas, a big book for read aloud, giveaways, and more. Contact your HMH sales rep for further details or make a request via the form HERE.*

* Note: Quantities of printed kits are limited and will be made available on a case-by-case basis. Use this form to make a request before July 15th and someone will get back to you with details.

Curious George Art Assets

Click the links below to download free art assets to make your own Curiosity Day signage for your store, school, or library!

Curious George Booklist

Click here to download a Curious George suggested reading list to stock up on your favorite titles!

75th Anniversary Titles